VdE | 8 Vagas na Embaixada dos Estados Unidos em Moçambique


8 Vagas na Embaixada dos Estados Unidos em Moçambique – Open Vacancies at U.S. Mission in Maputo, Mozambique

The U.S. Department of State is currently seeking dedicated professionals to fill various positions at the U.S. Mission in Maputo, Mozambique. These roles span across multiple disciplines including health advisories, consular fraud investigation, driving, security, community liaison, human resources, and secretarial support. We offer competitive salaries and the opportunity to be part of a dynamic team contributing to the mission’s goals and objectives. Below is a list of the current open positions, detailing the role, requirements, and application deadlines.

CDC-PHS Maternal and Child Health Adolescent Advisor (Assessor de Tratamento de Saúde Materna e Infantil para Adolescentes na Embaixada dos Estados Unidos)

The U.S. Mission in Maputo/Mozambique is looking for a qualified Maternal and Child Health Adolescent Treatment Advisor for the CDC office. This is a full-time position offering a salary of $59,111 per year. Applicants should have relevant qualifications and be able to start within a reasonable period. Apply by 03/04/2024.

Public Health Specialist (Data Manager Advisor) (Especialista em Saúde Pública (Conselheiro de Gestão de Dados))

Seeking a qualified Public Health Specialist (Data Manager Advisor) for the CDC office in Maputo. This full-time role comes with a salary of $59,111 per year. Ideal candidates will possess relevant experience and be ready to start within a reasonable timeframe. Deadline for applications is 03/04/2024.

Consular Fraud Prevention Unit (FPU) Investigator (Investigador da Unidade de Prevenção à Fraude Consular)

The Embassy in Maputo is hiring for a full-time FPU Investigator with a salary of $31,826 per year. Applicants must be able to start soon after receiving agency authorization. Application closing date is 03/06/2024.

Chauffeur (Motorista)

We are looking for a full-time Chauffeur willing to work 48 hours per week with a starting salary of $18,344 per year. Candidates must be ready to begin employment promptly upon receiving clearance. Apply by 03/21/2024.

Bodyguard (Guarda-costas)

Join our team as a full-time Bodyguard with an annual salary of $17,909. Applicants should be prepared to start shortly after approval. The application period closes on 09/30/2024.

Community Liaison Office Coordinator USEFMs (Coordenador do Escritório de Ligação Comunitária USEFMs)

The U.S. Mission seeks a Community Liaison Office Coordinator for a full-time position paying $53,043 per year. This role requires readiness to start upon authorization. Deadline for application is 09/30/2024.

Human Resources Assistant – USEFMs/EFMs/MOHs Only (Assistente de Recursos Humanos – Apenas para USEFMs/EFMs/MOHs)

Seeking a full-time Human Resources Assistant offering a salary of $45,290 per year. Candidates need to be eligible and qualified with the ability to start as soon as approved. Apply by 09/30/2024.

Roving Secretary – USEFMs/EFMs/MOHs Only (Secretário Itinerante – Apenas para USEFMs/EFMs/MOHs)

Looking for a Roving Secretary for an intermittent schedule, offering $36,195 per year. Applicants must be ready to start upon clearance. The closing date for applications is 09/30/2024.

Interested applicants should refer to the full job postings and apply before the closing dates mentioned. These positions offer unique opportunities to contribute to the international efforts of the United States in Mozambique.



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