BURN is looking for an IT Officer who will be responsible for managing and maintaining the organization's information technology systems. The individual will play a critical role in ensuring the smooth operation of the organization's IT systems, providing technical support to users, implementing security measures, and managing IT projects and infrastructure.

Duties and responsibilities:

  • IT Infrastructure Management:
    • Manage and maintain the organization's IT infrastructure, including servers, networks, hardware, and software systems.
    • Ensure the availability, reliability, and security of IT infrastructure components, monitoring performance and addressing any issues proactively.
    • Plan and execute infrastructure upgrades, migrations, and system integrations as required.
    • Maintain an inventory of hardware and software assets, ensuring proper licensing and compliance.
  • Team Leadership and Management:
    • Lead a team of IT professionals, providing guidance, mentorship, and support.
    • Assign tasks and projects to team members, monitor progress, and ensure timely completion.
    • Foster a collaborative and inclusive team environment, encouraging knowledge sharing and professional development.
    • Conduct performance evaluations, identify training needs, and provide ongoing coaching to team members.
  • IT Support and Troubleshooting:
    • Provide technical support to internal users, addressing hardware, software, and network-related issues.
    • Troubleshoot and resolve IT problems in a timely manner, escalating complex issues as needed.
    • Develop and maintain IT support processes and procedures, ensuring efficient incident management and resolution.
    • Collaborate with external vendors and service providers to resolve technical issues and implement solutions.
  • Security and Data Protection:
    • Implement and maintain robust security measures to protect the organization's IT infrastructure and data.
    • Monitor and assess the organization's security posture, identifying vulnerabilities and implementing remediation plans.
    • Develop and enforce IT security policies, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and best practices.
    • Conduct regular backups and implement disaster recovery plans to minimize data loss and downtime.
  • Project Management and Strategic Planning:
    • Lead and participate in IT projects, from inception to completion, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives.
    • Collaborate with stakeholders to identify IT needs, define project requirements, and develop project plans.
    • Manage project budgets, timelines, and resources, tracking progress and reporting on key metrics.
    • Stay informed about emerging technologies and industry trends, providing recommendations for IT improvements and innovations.
  • IT Support and Troubleshooting:
    • Respond to user inquiries, provide technical support, and resolve hardware and software issues promptly and effectively.
    • Install, configure, and upgrade computer hardware, operating systems, and software applications.
    • Conduct system testing, diagnose, and resolve network connectivity problems, and perform root cause analysis of technical issues.
    • Maintain accurate documentation of support requests, solutions, and user guides for future reference.
  • IT Infrastructure Management:
    • Monitor the organization's network infrastructure, servers, and systems to ensure optimal performance and availability.
    • Plan and execute infrastructure upgrades, patch management, and system migrations while minimizing disruptions to operations.
    • Administer user accounts, permissions, and access rights to maintain data security and privacy.
    • Manage hardware and software inventory, including license compliance and maintenance agreements.
  • Project Management:
    • Lead and participate in IT projects, including system implementations, upgrades, and migrations.
    • Define project requirements, develop project plans, allocate resources, and monitor progress to ensure timely completion.
    • Collaborate with stakeholders to identify project objectives, deliverables, and success criteria.
    • Conduct post-implementation reviews and document lessons learned for continuous improvement.
  • Data Security and Backup:
    • Implement and enforce IT security policies and procedures to protect the organization's data and systems.
    • Conduct regular security assessments, identify vulnerabilities, and implement appropriate measures to mitigate risks.
    • Perform data backups, disaster recovery planning, and periodic testing to ensure business continuity.
    • Stay up to date with emerging threats and technologies, recommending security enhancements as necessary.
  • Vendor Management:
    • Collaborate with external vendors and service providers to troubleshoot issues, resolve technical problems, and ensure service-level agreements are met.
    • Evaluate vendor proposals, negotiate contracts, and manage vendor relationships.
    • Monitor vendor performance and conduct periodic assessments to ensure quality service delivery.

Skills and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in information technology, Computer Science, or a related field.
  • Proven experience as an IT Officer or a similar role, with a minimum of 3 years of relevant experience.
  • Strong technical knowledge of IT infrastructure, including servers, networks, operating systems, and software applications.
  • Proficiency in IT support and troubleshooting, with the ability to diagnose and resolve technical issues effectively.
  • Experience in leading and managing a team of IT professionals, fostering a collaborative work environment.
  • Solid understanding of IT security principles and best practices, with hands-on experience in implementing security measures.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, with the ability to convey technical information to non-technical users.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to think strategically and propose innovative solutions.
  • Certifications such as ITIL are highly desirable.
  • Ability to prioritize tasks, handle multiple responsibilities simultaneously, and work effectively under pressure.
  • Familiarity with project management methodologies and tools to successfully deliver IT projects on time and within budget.
  • Understanding of IT security best practices, data protection, and disaster recovery planning

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