VdE | Consultor | One Percent Better Club


We are looking for a passionate and knowledgeable Business Consultant to join our team. This individual will be responsible for identifying and maximizing business opportunities within our company

Job Responsibilities

Provide analysis and advice to clients on business development, strategy, and operational efficiency

Develop detailed action plans to implement business improvements with measurable objectives

Analyze data to identify trends, spot risks, and recommend changes for improvement

Collaborate with clients to create strategies to reach their objectives

Maintain effective communication with clients, management, and stakeholders

Prepare and present reports to track progress and provide feedback

Excellent communication, problem-solving, and analytical skills

Familiarity with project management


Strong organization and time-management skills


As the company grows, you will have the opportunity to progress into new roles.

Become more confident and communicate more effectively.

Training and caching is provided to empower you as you grow to excel in your function independently.




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