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Contractual Arrangement

External consultant

Contract Duration (Years, Months, Days)

2 Months

Job Posting

May 13, 2023, 4:29:46 PM

Closing Date

May 27, 2023, 3:44:00 AM

Primary Location



AF_MOZ Mozambique



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  • Background

Maternal, Neonatal, and Infant morbidity and mortality remain a Public Health problem in Mozambique.

The main health provider for women and newborns are the maternal and child health nurses (midwives). With the increasing number of interventions targeting women's and children's health, these maternal and child health nurses are overloaded, and there is a need to have a specific health provider with newborn care skills.

The first hours, days, and weeks after birth are a precious period for the survival, and development of a newborn, and not having the needed and right care in the right moment. In this circumstances baby can die and contribute to the increased number of newborns mortality and the infant and child mortality .To respond to the priority health needs of the newborn by providing holistic nursing care that is ethical, safe, and evidence-informed to positively impact the health and quality of life of individuals, families, communities and to ensure the quality of neonatal care, the National Directorate for Training of Health Professionals (DNFPS), with WHO support, has developed the professional qualification of Nurse Specialist in Neonatology.

There is a need to develop the internship guide and the teaching manuals of the vocational modules of the qualification to ensure the proper implementation of the new qualification, so, the DNFPS intends, to hire an expert to carry out this activity.

  • Deliverables
  • Teaching manuals of the vocational modules of the qualification according to the pre-defined competences in the professional qualification developed.
  • Professional qualification internship guide developed
  • Qualifications, experience, skills and languages

Educational Qualifications

University degree in medicine, specializing in neonatology or degree in nursing specialist in neonatology


Proven experience in the development guidelines, training materials for health or other cadres;

Experience of at least 2 years of field is an advantage.


Leadership, teamwork

communication skills with different partners

Aptitude to produce documents

Languages and level required

Fluency in reading, writing and communication in Portuguese

  • Technical Supervision

The consultant will work in coordination with the National Directorate for Training Health Professionals, 4th floor - Ministry of Health . Under supervision of the WHO cluster UHC- LC, specifically unit RMCAH, Dr Néllia Mutisse mutissen@who.int and Alicia Carbonell carbonella@who.int

  • Location

Maputo. The work is expected to last for 2 months, starting in May 2023, and should be completed by July 2023.

  • Travel - No travels are planned
  • Remuneration and budget (travel costs excluded)

Rate NOC 1 UN salary scale


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