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VdE | Gerente de Relações com a Mídia | Naukka Lab


Naukka Lab is a communication agency, which helps scientists and science-based startups by explaining to investors, the market and society the value of their products. We are interested in deep tech/biotech companies that strive to improve the world.

Laboratory creates storytelling around prospective startups to make them stand out and attract investments. Creating high-quality investment PR for projects we believe in – is our mission.

The Role

You Will Be Responsible For

  • Development and execution of communication strategies for clients;
  • Working with the tier-1 media: pitching to the journalists and initiating publications in various formats: op-eds, features, comments, interviews, podcasts, etc;
  • Content generation, preparing news stories and handling research for client news feeds;
  • Organization of the speakers' participation in tech awards, conferences, and specialized events;
  • Media training for speakers;
  • Account management: reports, follow-ups, interviews.

Ideal Profile

Skills Required

  • 3+ years of experience working in-house of a communication agency or working as a journalist;
  • Hands-on experience in international business-oriented media: pitching, newsjacking, communication strategies, etc;
  • Interest in technology/science and familiarity with the industry and how it operates;
  • Experience in managing client accounts;
  • Hands-on approach, taking the initiative and being self-reliant;
  • Established contacts with editors on the international market for business, lifestyle, and technology media (desirable);
  • Outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal.



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