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VdE - Gerente de Operações - Alistair Group

Parli italiano magnificamente?

Do you also enjoy machinery, operations or the oil & gas industry? We are offering an opportunity to be able to grow your African experience, develop strong relationships in the industry and increase your own income based on your ability to solve problems. Ideally you would be used to working in remote areas and have a hobby that would keep you entertained for weeks on camp. (No really, weeks on camp!)

Alistair offers a logistics solution and rents equipment to clients in Northern Mozambique, we have been well placed to win business in the region allowing us to grow. Our fleet includes 11 cranes, telehandlers, forklifts etc. We do not, however, have a strong person able to liaise daily with our client and manage our operations team there. That is where you come in. 

Overview of responsibilities for this role include:-

  • You would win as much business as possible in the region from our existing clients & from any potential clients
  • You would be the ‘go-between’ between operations & commercial teams within the business
  • You would be the leadership team’s ‘eyes and ears’ on the ground in Northern Mozambique
  • You would need to understand the market and how we can better improve our service
  • You would need to use your degree to create some clever pricing models & strategies, positioning Alistair Group as a market leader in the region

If you are interested in learning more or in joining our team, please apply with your most recent CV to https://www.alistairgroup.com/career-2/ 


If you’ve been working hard and haven’t updated your CV in 10 years, please feel free to send an email to me at sian.visser@alistairgroup.com or drop me a message on LinkedIn.

Local: Palma, Cabo Delgado


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