Vaga de Emprego - Broadcast Coordinator - SOICO

 Descrição de funções:

The television coordinator monitors and reviews all programming to meet station guidelines and schedules. Program download, preparation & editing (if needed); shipping and receiving, organizing & maintaining digital and tape library, quality check of program content, including timing & labeling. The coordinator may also screen the programs to ensure they adhere to the station's expectations for performance and quality. Organize new program samples and research data including coordination with program distributors, coordination with Production & Marketing Departments as needed, handling phone calls, responding to viewer mail & e-mails and any other responsibilities that may be assigned. 

The media coordinator views new shows and, through focus groups, audience surveys and feedback, suggests adjustments. Create and maintain spreadsheets and databases in order to monitor daily, weekly, quarterly and annual flow of digital video files. Provide technical and administrative support for Programming. To meet viewer preferences and interests, the media coordinator reviews existing shows as well. The coordinator needs to be flexible, adjusting her schedule to accommodate a rapidly changing work environment and detail oriented.

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