VdE | Gerente de contabilidade | Vodacom Moçambique


Role purpose:

Territory Manager is responsible to implement and execute company strategy. The role is also responsible for the management of the direct, retail and Mpesa channels in the province and guarantee that Vodacom’s products are available in all clusters, through controlling and coordinating all field activities and capitalizing market opportunities. Has to build local strategies and implement them and should work closely with Vodacom main distributors and aggregators to support and ensure Vodacom leads in the provincial Market share.

Key accountabilities and decision ownership:

• Manage and control all field activities, ensuring retail stores have all the material needs and are fully operational and working closely with Marketing, CVM, Retail Operations, Terminals, etc to provide necessary commercial feedback/reports

• Manage dealer, sub-dealer relationships, negotiating and implement sales plan for all sub-dealers, street vendors, direct, electronic channels and driving business growth in terms of GA, Market Share and Revenue, including smartphone penetration

• M-Pesa’s agent network training and management of float to ensure good customer experience and compliance with the regulations and procedures.

• Ensure the execution of the picture of success (Brand and MKT materials availability and/or in good conditions at all touch points (SVs, M-Pesa Agents, Kicksides and Stores), coordinating with Cluster Supervisor, the Marketing Events according to the plan and budget, based on the priorities (revenue/GA)

• Responsible for Retail KPIs in province, ensuring that dealer knows about the business strategy and support them in what is necessary to achieve the goals, making regular visits and monitor their performance working closely to the Retail Ops team, providing reports and feedback;

Core competencies, knowledge and experience:

• Strong problem solving skills – Complaint managers may also be responsible for training their team members on how to handle Customer complaints. This can involve identifying the best way to resolve the issue and providing the representative with the tools they need to do so;

• Empathy to support in communicating with the Customers in a way that makes them feel heard and understood;

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills;

• Active listening to listen and address team members´ concerns;

• Leadership – this role may have the responsibility of delegating tasks, assigning projects and managing employees´ performance.

Must have technical /professional qualifications:

• Bachelor Degree in Business or another related field;

• Experience in, and knowledge of telecoms services, applying this expertise in a customer-focused way;

• Excellent communication skills including presenting & negotiation with Customers and up to Band F and E audiences.

Key performance indicators:

• Gross Adds (GSM & M-Pesa);

• Agent Acquisition (SV & M-Pesa);

• Sales (Devices, Vouchers and Starter Packs);

• Total Revenue Direct reports: 7 (Contractors);

Risks: Work can be stressful


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