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Job Summary

To ensure that risks within Absa Bank Mozambique are managed in line with the ERMF and provide assurance to management that controls implemented to mitigate the enherent risks are designed and operating effectively and execute annual coverage plan under supervision through evaluating\assessing the effectiveness of internal controls, compliance with policies and adherence to procedures thereby contributing towards the business efforts to achieve an improved and sustainable control environment

Job Description

  • Assess the control design and description to confirm if they are SMART and in line with the ERM principles Perform Control Effectiveness Evaluation (CEE) reviews (SOX and Contracted) following a the appropriate assignment methodology which outlines the detailed procedures to be followed within timelines and allocated budgets thereby providing an independent assurance opinion on the effectiveness of controls for quality checking purposes by the Assurance Manager. This action is limited to the compilation and completion of control effectiveness working papers provided in advance of the Conformance review.
  • Demonstrate a fair understanding of processes and controls by accurately assessing controls of under review and by identifying all weaknesses that will be subjected to a quality check by the Assurance Manager.
  • Provide accurate feedback to management regarding control failures (interim feedback) on an on-going basis by means of verbal and written communication after a quality check has been performed of the relevant work paper/s by the reviewer or Assurance Manager.
  • Assist in reporting identified weaknesses to controls by populating the draft report template and providing input towards the executive summary / conclusion for quality checking purposes and to enable the Assurance Manager to finalise and distribute the draft as well as the final report.
  • Maintain effective relationships with all stakeholders, staff, and CIB colleagues to ensure that the Control unit is regarded as the preferred assurance provider.
  • Demonstrate convincing skills during review assignments by obtaining buy-in and co-operation from all stakeholders regarding individual effectiveness control weaknesses.
  • Advice management continuously during the assignment of the progress of the review and of the possible concerns identified to ensure pro-active engagement with customers.
  • Maintain a high level of professionalism in all interactions with stakeholders and colleagues in terms of verbal and written communication as well as personal appearance, with the application of approved dress code and acceptable norms regarding all written and verbal communications.
  • Contribute towards the image of the control team by displaying and adhering to the Absa values
  • Apply effective time management by completing the specific assurance assignment duties as allocated per assignments within specified timelines as set out in the Notice of Commencement.
  • Maintain an acceptable standard of quality for all work performed in terms of working papers and input towards the draft report, by adhering to the minimum requirements as set out in the assignment methodology.
  • Contribute towards the operational efficiency of by giving timely input towards the required administrative activities related to finance (e.g. travel bookings), completing of compulsory training and Absa policies, and by adhering to the Management Assurance Methodology


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