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In recent years, it has become increasingly evident that human actions are altering the atmospheric composition, thus causing global climate change.(1). Mozambique is ranked as the third most vulnerable country to climate change in Africa. Mozambique's climate challenges include increases in temperature, changes in precipitation patterns, increased frequency and intensity of cyclones and strong winds, recurrent droughts and rising sea levels.(two).These manifestations of climate change have a serious impact on the control of infectious diseases in Mozambique(3). Malaria, measles, diarrhea, dysentery and cholera show a strong relationship with climate variability, which is likely to be exacerbated by climate change(4).

With the aim of providing information to support decision-making in terms of health in the country, the Mozambican climate and health observatory was created in 2016. This body has the mandate to create and make available a knowledge base on the effect of climate change on health for making informed decisions for disease control at various levels. Of the national health system (NHS) in the country(3). However, it is unknown whether this knowledge base is accessible and used by SNS managers at various levels to inform infectious disease control plans in Mozambique.

In this context, PATH intends to carry out a survey with the aim of identifying what climate data is needed and available for National Health System managers to respond to the increase in infectious diseases in Mozambique, and the extent to which this data is being used to inform decision-making.

Terms of reference

The consultant will work closely with the PATH study team in Mozambique to support the implementation of the study entitled “Identifying Mozambican Ministry of Health Climate Data Needs”. The scope of work will involve reviewing the study's data collection instruments, carrying out bibliographical and documental research, data collection through interviews with study participants, data analysis, preparation of the report and materials for the dissemination of research results for different audiences.

The Consultant's Responsibilities Will Include

  • In coordination with the study team at PATH, participate in meetings to review and update the protocol and data collection instruments, as necessary;
  • In coordination with the PATH study leader, assist in obtaining ethical clearance to conduct the study, as needed;
  • In coordination with the study team at PATH, identify and liaise with the Mozambican Ministry of Health and relevant stakeholders to obtain the necessary authorization to carry out the study;
  • In coordination with the study leader at PATH, liaise, collaborate and convene necessary meetings with government officials and other stakeholders to ensure execution of the data collection implementation plan
  • Conduct data collection on the availability, demand and use of climate data by SNS managers to inform decision-making for the management of infectious diseases;
  • Ensuring data integrity, accuracy and quality;
  • Participate in periodic calls and meetings to review data and the status of the study's implementation;
  • Prepare the report and dissemination materials for the study.


Activities will start in June 2023 and run through October 2023. The forecast of days required for the scope of the consultant is up to 20 days over the project period.

Deliverables and delivery times [provisional dates]

  • Bibliographic/documentary research report r [July 31, 2023]
  • Revised Protocol [July 31, 2023]
  • Revised data collection instruments [July 31, 2023]
  • Completed and properly organized data collection forms and interview transcripts [August 31, 2023]
  • Thematic analysis completed, per study question [September 20, 2023]
  • Study report and results dissemination materials (PowerPoint presentation, manuscript, and dissemination poster) completed [October 31, 2023]

Required Skills

Required Experience

  • Researcher with a master's degree (desirable training in Public Health, International Health or similar areas) with proven experience in research in the area of climate change and/or health;
  • Proven experience in carrying out consulting work in the health area, in particular involving Ministry of Health;
  • Demonstrated ability to work successfully across diverse stakeholders to gather and gather information (ie, with government stakeholders, institutional directors, and PATH project staff).
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team-oriented environment.
  • Excellent knowledge of the Mozambique health system, including surveillance and data reporting.
  • Fluency in English.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

How To Apply

If interested, send a letter of intent and an updated CV by May 31 to José Lopes, emailjlopes@path.org


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