VdE | Gerente de Marketing e Comunicação | TotalEnergies


Knows the internal, external and corporate environment to implement both the core strategy and TEMMOC strategy

  • Conducts studies of brand awareness; image and satisfaction, fuels and shop surveys, updates competitors strategic positioning information and conducts market study (fuel study, customers study, etc.)
  • Builds the retail, B2B and Card Marketing strategy
  • Action plans and designs the annual multi-channel marketing plan (service station, Excellium, SFS, cards, lubricants, etc.)
  • S/ He defines and manage annual budgets (communication, animation and promotion) according to the marketing plan
  • Animation of social medias and TEMMOC website

Builds the communication plan together with the appointed marketing Agency

  • Defines the content, the communication support and the media according to the marketing plan.
  • Builds the monthly schedule of events and animations on an annual basis.
  • Implements corporate campaigns according to the agenda communicated and may adapt it for the local market
  • Designs marketing campaigns for all media (Print/SMS, E-mails/contest games) in service station and on the web
  • Provides internal tools to recruit clients (web acquisition, conversion tunnel); governance tools (brand brief, brief media)
  • Communicates about the promotional offers SFS team make (Shop, Lubricants, etc,)
  • Supports the development strategy and communicates site/service/franchise openings
  • Ensures validation of local creation, manages brand portfolio according to brands governance
  • Contact person with the medias, organize press conferences and participate at the CMC meetings.


  • Systematically measures the effectiveness of the campaigns and makes recommendations to improve the results
  • Creates dashboard and s/he communicates the KPIs according to the Marketing Plan objectives
  • Conception of marketing material

Builds the digital roadmap and manage online visibility and data policy

  • Manages website's contents and updates for TotalEnergies Marketing Mocambique pages
  • Monitors Search Engine Optimization scores; Ensures TotalEnergies Service App updates
  • Ensures the online attractiveness of his point of sale (image. and google rating)
  • Checks clients messages on the tools s/he uses (Facebook /Google)
  • Collects clients data, ensures local authorizations for personal data protection and transfer to the EU and the US

Internal communication

  • Manages an internal tool for TEMMOC (News, toolbox, FAQ "Espelho"), publishes content and updates Provides marketing support for TEMMOC specifically to retail, B2B and card
  • Animates Top Service (mystery visits campaigns and internal & external audit) at least twice/year

Drive internal communication and rally staff around initiatives such as "Momento Txotxoloza"

Context and environment

Ensuring product deliveries in the best safety, operational and financial conditions is key for the affiliate’s business.

Transport is a high risk activity in terms of safety, the level of risk may be aggravated by:

  • Bad road conditions
  • Security conditions in some areas of Mozambique
  • Remoteness of a number of delivery locations
  • Lack of enforcement of road regulations
  • Lack of road safety awareness of road users
  • Level of driver’s induction training;

Performance levels of some transporters.

Candidate profile

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Resp. gerais de comunicação, Comunicação especializada

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Employment type

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Mínimo 3 anos

Employer Company

TotalEnergies Marketing Moçambique, SA


Marketing & Services

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Maputo, Julius Nyerere 2412

About Us / Company Profile

A TotalEnergies Marketing Moçambique S.A, uma empresa multinacional, é um importante interveniente no mercado de produtos petrolíferos downstream – rede de bombas de combustíveis, clientes industriais e mineiros, lubrificantes e logística com ambição de torna-se um dos principais distribuidores de combustíveis em Moçambique, S.A


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