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Social Behavior Change Study


Programme Name: Okhokelamo ni Solha

Assessment Location: Alto Mólòcue, Derre and Mocuba Districts of Zambezia Province


Country: Mozambique



Project Background


Save the Children opened programmes in Mozambique in 1986 at the height of the Mozambican civil war, with a focus on tracing the families of children who were separated during the conflict. Since our early work in the country, Save the Children Mozambique (SCIMOZ) has focused on reaching the most marginalized and disadvantaged children and their families. Today, SCIMOZ has a mixed development and humanitarian projects in eight out of 11 provinces in the country – Maputo, Gaza, Sofala, Manica, Tete, Zambezia, Nampula and Cabo Delgado.


Okhokelamo ni Solha is a Resilience Food Security Activity is a USAID/BHA funded five-year program that seeks to improve nutrition outcomes for children under two years of age (CU2) in Mozambique, Zambezia Province, Livelihood Zone 5. Okhokelamo will work through community-level implementation platforms to reach 1,157,575 participants within six districts in Zambezia (Alto Mólocuè, Derre, Ile, Mocuba, Morrumbala, and Mulevalato sustainably improve women’s nutrition including in the face of shocks; improve infant and young child feeding; and reduce early pregnancy and improve nutrition among adolescent girls.


Okhokelamo will conduct formative research to guide the development of the social and behavior change (SBC) strategy across all purposes. The research will focus on the topics of breastfeeding and complementary feeding, water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), and food security to refine Theory of Change (ToC) and program activities. The SBC study will be complemented by other formative research activities, namely: Gender Analysis, Youth-Inclusive Needs Assessment (YINA), and Cost of the Diet (CotD), as well as community consultations and mapping, and a literature review. SBC research is intended to be participatory, focusing on collecting qualitative data and using an interactive process for analyzing information. Prior to data collection, SC will test the tools and ensure that data quality is checked during collection. Supervisors and Community Development Agents (CDAs) will coordinate general sensitization and mobilization activities in target communities.

The SBC study will complement other formative studies and Year 1 activities such as the Gender Analysis, youth Needs Analysis (YNA) and Cost of the Diet (CotD). SC is therefore looking for a consultant to conduct this research in collaboration with the Okhokelamo technical team, as laid out in this ToR.


The purpose for this assessment is to provide situational information at project locations districts (Mocuba, Alto Molócue and Derre in Zambezia Province. It is expected that it will inform programme intervention and strategies. Information from the youth needs analysis assessment will be used as standards to track performance towards achieving the project’s outcomes throughout the implementation. This focused research is needed because desk research and secondary data available is insufficient to address evidence and knowledge gaps across the ToC, which is critical to the design and delivery of an effective SBC messaging and interventions package as well as implementation approaches.


1.     To provide important community level information to inform any changes or adaptations to Okhokelamo’s ToC and interventions, and;

2.      To inform Okhokelamo’s SBC Strategy as well as other cross-cutting program strategies. Specific objectives for this study include:  

Specific objectives are:

1.     Understand current perceptions, beliefs, daily life, social/gender norms, gender roles, etc., to inform the integrated social and behavior change strategy. 

2.     Comprehend existing community/family structures upon which to build or strengthen to increase collective efficacy and impact of interventions across sectors. 

3.     Identify barriers and facilitators to the adoption and maintenance of specific behaviors at different life stages.

4.     Deepen understanding of key audiences for segmentation.


The methodology will be developed by the consultant, as well as all relevant tools and presented in the inception report. The two research objectives and two specific objectives mentioned in section (II)  should be assessed.

The data collection should include the use of a number of approaches to gain a deeper understanding of the outcomes of the project.

Indicative timeframe

The data collection phase in the field is to be confirmed between the consultant and Save the Children. We anticipate the consultancy will start in May 2023 and cover approximately four months of preparation, data collection and analysis of results. Results are anticipated to be available in August 2023 and the final report delivered in early September 2023.

Qualifications and experience


·        As a minimum a Master’s degree in International Development Studies, Humanitarian Leadership Program, or a related field;

·        Demonstrated experience of leading evaluations of social behaviour change and nutrition

·        Demonstrated experience with qualitative research, data base management and data analysis

·        Experience of working in Mozambique

·        Experience of evaluating youth  response programs

·        Proven record of communicating with beneficiaries, also with children using child friendly methods

·        Ability to assess and further develop a conceptual data collection tools

·        Relevant subject matter knowledge and experience regarding the thematic areas of this BHA project

·        Ability to deal with hardship and remote area field work

Selection process

Save the Children will use its internal guidance, checklists and an interview process to select the successful consultant. The guidelines require consultant to submit a proposal explaining their comprehension of the ToR and how they would approach this assignment with a summary of their methodology especially in terms of how they plan to meet the objectives, including a timeframe, and budget. The proposal should also include the team composition with the lead consultant and at least one other experienced evaluator, and the CV of each person to be involved in the assignment including relevant experience, a detailed budget and time availability

Evaluation of the proposals and scoring criteria

Save the Children will assign a multi-thematic committee to evaluate the proposals submitted by consultants. The selection committee will evaluate the bidders based on the set criteria.



Submission of application

Along with their CV, interested candidates should submit:

·        A technical proposal explaining their comprehension of the ToR and how they would approach this assignment, summarising the methodologies and approaches they plan to use, including a timeline.

·        At least two samples of similar previous assignments

·        Confirmation of availability

·        A financial proposal outlining their expected fees, costs of return flights, visas, meals, accommodation, field operation and logistics and life insurance. In their proposal, candidates should consider that the budget will cover the entire research period.

How to Apply

Interested candidates/firms should submit a technical and financial proposal and two samples of similar assignments and the other required documents in the selection criteria. Bidders are encouraged to apply Via Ariba. If the company or the individual wishes to be registered in the system, please send request to

  1. Preferably submit your response in ProSave, you will be guided on the optional system application, please contact SCI on the phone number 21493140.


  1. Electronic Submission via Email

 The application documentation package should be sent to the email 


With the subject  “Social Behavior Change Study”

All attached documents should be clearly labelled so it is clear to understand what each file relates to.

Emails should not exceed 15mb – if the file sizes are large, please split the submission into two emails. 

Do not copy other SCI email addresses into the email when you submit it as this will invalidate your bid. 


Deadline Submission

The proposal must be submitted in to Prosave via Ariba network or by email to on 13th April 2023.

Detailed ToR can be found here:

[1] Please note that Protocol for this study is submitted to ethics committee for review. The successful consultant will execute the assessment in line with submitted protocol.



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