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VdE | Supervisor: Diretor Executivo de Relacionamento com o Cliente | Vodacom


Role purpose: To be responsible for handling complaints from Customers, or other stakeholders sent by the Shareholders; CEO; MEs, EHoDs and all high profile Customers. It is part of their tasks to analyse data related to complaints to identify trends or areas of improvement. This information can then be used to inform future strategies or initiatives designed to improve the overall Customer experience. This person will have a team that she/he will supervise to guarantee that we resolve all the escalated queries within the agreed service level.

Key accountabilities and decision ownership

• Managing the officers that deal with Customers´ complaints; Distributing the workload evenly within the team; Being responsible to

• Meeting with Customers to discuss complaints and offer solutions to any problems they may be experiencing with their current service or product;

• Documenting all activities related to each complaint for easy reference in future conversations with the Customer, taking detailed notes during conversations with Customers to ensure all important details are included in the case file; Following up with customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the resolution of their complaint;

• Working with legal staff to investigate allegations of illegal activity or misconduct by company Employees;

• Coordinating with other departments such as Billing and IT, Risk support, operations and ensure that a complaint is resolved satisfactorily.;

• Preparing reports summarizing complaint data for management review.

Core competencies, knowledge and experience

• Strong problem solving skills – Complaint managers may also be responsible for training their team members on how to handle Customer complaints. This can involve identifying the best way to resolve the issue and providing the representative with the tools they need to do so;

• Empathy to support in communicating with the Customers in a way that makes them feel heard and understood;

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills;

• Active listening to listen and address team members´ concerns;

• Leadership – this role may have the responsibility of delegating tasks, assigning projects and managing employees´ performance.

Must have technical /professional qualifications

• Bachelor Degree in Business, Comms, Business law or another related field;

• Experience in, and knowledge of telecoms services, applying this expertise in a customer-focused way;

• Excellent communication skills including presenting & negotiation with Customers and up to Band F and E audiences.

Key performance indicators

• 100% of Complaints closed within 6 working days;

• <1% of repeated Customers (Best service is no service).

• TNPS Direct reports: 7 (Contractors)



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