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VdE | Eletricista | Saipem


▪ Execute safe maintenance of Electrical HVAC equipment, compliant with HSE rules, legislative regulations and international std.

▪ Execute the activities in conformance with prescribed routed time in order to meet department objectives

▪ Follow instructions and advises from hierarchy with regards to acceptable attitudes and behaviors


Maintenance Execution

▪ Ensure that the services are carried out in strict compliance with company current HSE rules

▪ Strictly comply to contractor superior instruction for the smooth execution of the services

▪ Execute Maintenance Preventive and Correctives operations (routine and short-term)

▪ Identify and diagnose breakdowns or anomalies on equipments, devices, package, or systems

▪ Control and check the equipments, installations, material at the vario us interventions stages using measuring devices

▪ Replace or repair the defective elements or instruments

▪ Carry out the maintenance tasks needed to the corrective and preventive maintenance of the components, devices, package, or systems

▪ Maintain a permanent anticipation on the potential problems that could occur in the production plant, with close relationship with other sections, in order to prevent non-productive or non-efficient operations Maintenance control /reporting

▪ Take part in different daily, weekly and site coordination meetings when required by Foreman

▪ Prepare Maintenance reports break down for submission to his Foreman

▪ Prepare comprehensive data reports on operation (routine or other)

▪ Inform Foreman for any abnormal situation with regard to stock of raw materials, consumables and tools

▪ Keep informed Foreman by appropriate reporting, on the progress of maintenance operations task and, if necessary, of difficulties encountered

▪ Follow-up the maintenance activity through a Work Order system and approve the maintenance Work Order reports through the use of the most common CMMS (SAP-UNISUP-MAXIMO-DATASTREAM, etc.)

▪ Carry out the final controls and the associated maintenance tasks planned by CMMS

▪ Fill and sign the data sheets which represent the mainte nance file

▪ Update the information for CMMS

QHSE/Training and Development

▪ Request and use the appropriateness of the operating and maintenance procedures and, if necessary, ask for clarification

▪ Demonstrate commitment to safety through language, behavior and actions

▪ Ensure the correct behavior in accordance with the general safety regulations of the subsidiary

▪ Be actively involved on his self training and development by using any type of training tools available

▪ Ask foreman / Supervisor for support and clarification regarding training material/ vendor Data Sheet etc.

▪ Keep updated his on-the-job learning log book when present at site


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