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The Action Contre La Faim is hiring a MEAL Officer, to Mueda.

Objective of post: Contribute to increase the programs’ impact through the implementation of an efficient monitoring and evaluation system.


Mission 1: Develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Learning and Accountability system for the mission

 The M&E officer is responsible for:

  • Developing consistent tools, methodologies and questionnaires for the monitoring and evaluation of the programs (MEAL plan, evaluations, APR);
  • Contributing to the development of a solid AAP framework and support its implementation;
  • Supporting Program Managers in implementing methodologies and questionnaires for the regular and continuous follow-up of the programme activities;
  • Including donors’ guidelines in the M&E system.

Mission 2: Coordinate the implementation of MEAL activities

The MEAL Officer is responsible for:

  • Supervising the surveys and assessments;
  • Analyzing the results of M&E activities and making relevant recommendations;
  • Making the Heads of Department and their teams aware of what is at stake and know MEAL procedures;
  • Contributing to reports and proposals.

Mission 3: Contribute to ACF expertise on MEAL

The MEAL Officer is responsible for:

  • Recording methodologies experience and lessons learned and transmit to HQ;
  • participating to working groups at the district and the provincial level whenever needed to exchange good practice on M&E systems.

Mission 4: Manage the MEAL team

The MEAL Officer is responsible for:

  • The day-to-day support of program teams (guidance, follow-up, motivation…);
  • Providing technical training to the program teams and contributors (enumerators, data entry);
  • Evaluating the performance and developing the skills of program members;
  • Identifying with the program teams and field coordinator the need for additional MEAL staff;
  • Contribute to recruitment of MEAL staff, enumerators etc.

How to Apply

Email: recruitment@mz-actioncontrelafaim.org

Expiry date: 25/09/2022


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