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The Action Contre La Faim is hiring a Facilities Officer, to Mueda.


Mission 1: Manage the fleet (Vehicles and Generators) and the equipment

  • Supervise the allocation and the use of the equipment;
  • Plan movements of vehicles in Mueda on weekly basis and movements to the offices based on the need;
  • Centralize the vehicles needs at field office level on monthly basis;
  • Create PL on the LINK for field office needs and submit them to the Supply Manager;
  • Centralize and follow up the maintenance needs of the vehicles at field office level and handle them with the supplier;
  • Centralize feedback from the drivers regarding the maintenance done by the car rental company;
  • Gather all fuel data from the logbook in the fuel data sheet, and to crosscheck with fuel tickets for the capital (invoices);
  • Analyse the fuel consumption for every car and take corrective measure if necessary;
  • Follow up on the drivers absences;
  • Register and label/tag all Action Against Hunger’s equipment before deployment.

Mission 2: To ensure general maintenance of the Office and Guesthouse premises

  • Supervise the building, rehabilitation and maintenance required for the functioning of the field office and the living environment;
  • Ensure supply of water, cooking gas for all premises;
  • Coordinate the implementation of the security means for the office and the guest houses (doors and locks, fire extinguishers, first aid kit, emergency numbers…);
  • Ensure safety of the equipment, training and assistance to users;
  • Monitor needed repairs for the premises, done either directly or through contractors;
  • Ensure proper supplier relation for regular maintenance of the premises;
  • Follow up on the third party (supplier) work done on the premises;
  • Follow up on the contract termination of the building;
  • Responsible for the Logistics Petty Cash procedure in order to proceed to urgent minor repair.

Mission 3: Maintain a safe, qualitative and uninterrupted electricity supply to the ACF’s structure

  • Ensure that the field office and GH have proper and safe electrical network;
  • Support the Log Manager or Log Officer of the field office on regular energy system check;
  • Organize and ensure maintenance on electrical facilities according to ACF procedures;
  • Make sure all systems are protected for the safety of the persons and the equipment;
  • Detect malfunctioning in the electrical network and fix them;
  • Maintain all aspects of electricity supply through the distribution network, to the sockets and appliance;
  • Support the programs when implementing an electricity system (solar system, battery back-up, etc..).

Mission 4: Manage the Logistics team in the field office

  • Day-to-day management of the drivers’ team (guidance, follow-up, motivation);
  • Prepare work plan for the drivers;
  • Follow up on disciplinary procedures related to the team;
  • Organize and lead monthly fleet meetings;
  • Manage the schedule for leave planning for the drivers;
  • In consultation with Logistics Manager, organise annual refresher training for drivers on security rules;
  • Evaluating the performance and developing the skills of his/her team members.

Mission 5: Reporting

  • Provide accurate and on time delivery of Action Against Hunger monthly logistics report (MLR) on the following information:
    • Fleet management Report;
    • Generator Management Report;
    • Equipment List.
  • Ensure the following reports and documents are properly filled up with accurate information and available anytime to Logistics Manager:
    • Utilities usage report (public power supply, water supply consumption.


As part of the Coordination Logistics team, the Facilities Officer  may be required upon workload and request to support his colleagues on temporary activities.


Desired Qualifications

  • Diploma in Logistics or Supply chain management or procurement and 1-3 years of experience in an INGO supply chain operation.

Required skills

  • Excellent time management;
  • Communication and customer handling skills;
  • Good organizational skills;
  • Able to work under pressure and to meet tight deadlines;
  • Good computer skills, including Microsoft office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

How to Apply

Composition of the file: CV, Motivation Letter, NUIT, BI, certificates

Email: recruitment@mz-actioncontrelafaim.org


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