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VdE | Gerente de terminais- Assistente | PUMA


A Control Sensitive Position that ensures the safe and efficient receipt, storage, loading of bulk fuel and ensure that orders are satisfied correctly and on time as per Puma Operations Excellence requirements. To manage and control all stocks management activities i.e. receipts, storage, handling, issues and security of product and the facility.

Control de budget and terminal expenditures, Assist terminal Manager on all management activities and meeting.

Knowledge Skills and Abilities, Key Responsibilities:


  • Unexplained product working gains/losses
  • Unexplained product Ops/into transit losses / gains outside of set targets.
  • Number of HSE and quality incidents
  • Number of orders carried forward Number of orders Started to load after 8am
  • Number of orders loaded after hours
  • Number of trucks loaded per day.
  • Time taken to dispatch a truck from loading
  • Number of security incidents
  • Number of non-conformances
  • Performance at the beginning of the year and mid-year / end of year performance appraisals to be done by set dates from Operations team
  • Volume and value of product unexplained write off
  • Number, frequency and value of delivery disputes
  • Value of product downgrades as a percentage of total plant throughput
  • Optimize unit operating cost of the depot
  • Maintain safety program in line with company HSE policy
  • Leave management/optimization of subordinates
  • Optimization of terminal operation activities and maintenance schedules
  • Monitor terminal operations costs according to the approved budget
  • Ensure that Oil loss report is sent before 3rd every month
  • Ensure that terminal over time sheet is sent before 4th every month and got correct worked hour for each employee.


  • Achieving the required level of focus in every aspect of the Terminal operation
  • Providing guidance and support to all members of the operational team to meet performance targets
  • Ensure proper housekeeping of Terminal


  • Each Supervisor to ensure 95% monthly achievement on Safety Control Program and submit report in SG by the 3rd of every month
  • Responsible for the safety and to prevent accidents
  • Responsible for inspection of workplace to look for potential hazards
  • Report of all hazards to the Supervisor
  • Know and fulfill the safety police
  • Follow all procedures and observe critical safety practice at all times
  • Responsible for operation analysis and procedures – Element 5

Emergency Response / Crisis Management

  • Monthly ER Drills conducted and coordinated with other Supervisors
  • Complete for operations ; Conduct, document and update Safety Control Program monthly- Job Task Observations as per SAPS requirement (each operator assessed on each critical task performed at least once per year)
  • Critical Work Process Annual Refresher Training
  • To lead PTW process
  • To lead MOC process
  • To lead Incident Investigations process
  • To lead Critical Operations Analysis
  • Zero overdue action items in SG at all times for each Supervisor
  • Roll out Global Access Control
  • Improve quality of incident investigations and follow-ups:

For level 3 and above incidents:

  • Incident to be reported to country Ops and HSE Managers within 1 hour
  • Incident to be registered in SG within 24 hours of incident (incident to be well described with immediate/direct causes, immediate remedial/recovery actions taken, condition of injured party or plant following spill and action plan for the next 48 hour). Report to be sent to Sub-Regional and Regional Operations Manager.
  • Preliminary investigation to be conducted with immediate findings and controls put in place within 48 hrs
  • Final report to be issued within 2 weeks to country ops, sub-regional and regional ops manager

All action items from audits to be entered into SG within 1 week of receiving the audit report


OPS elements-quality control, element 5, element 4 storage tanks (OPS Excellence), element 6;

  • - To lead Operations & safety meeting
  • -Ensure all unsafe conditions + practices are addressed (identify, report in SG +Resolve)-timely;
  • -Ensure lab equipment (thermometers (glass, TP7) Hydrometers, dip tape, hydrometers are calibrated on time as per Puma guidelines;
  • -Investigate abnormal loses with surveys + resolve;
  • -Ensure draining protocols according to Puma guidelines;
  • -Answerable for quality of stock in the tanks;
  • -Performance appraisal (monthly);
  • -Ensure all audit requirements for operations activities are met;
  • -Task Observations ;
  • -Housekeeping of terminal;
  • -Lock all possible points of product theft in the terminal;
  • -100% compliance to safety control program;
  • -Ensure operations start up is efficient and first truck loading at 07:45 hours;
  • -Ensure OT for his team is below 7%;
  • -Accountable for full execution of loading rack company guideline in relation to OPS Excellence loading rack guideline;
  • - 100% safety compliance of vehicles entering the gate;
  • -SAPS Element 5 Operations Analysis and procedures 100% compliance;
  • -100% compliance on truck loading;
  • -Documents spot checks on seals control for seals on trucks;
  • -Trucks loading from the depot to load only approved quantity + not load above vehicle capacity;
  • -100% compliance +overall ability of equipment at loading rack;
  • -Zero spills;

Competencies And Experience

  • Extensive knowledge of terminal procedures
  • Ability to work with diverse teams including Senior Management and third party negotiations
  • Product knowledge
  • Supply chain and stock management
  • Terminal Operations
  • Terminal Engineering and Maintenance
  • Oil Spills Emergency Response plans
  • Firefighting emergency response plan
  • Product Quality Management/ Product knowledge
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Marine Activities Management
  • Ship to shore interfaces management

Education background

  • Preferred Background: Mechanics / Electrical / Civil or Supply Chain Engineering Degree with mandatory previous experience in Terminal Engineering and/or Operations Management
  • 5 years of logistics operational experience in Oil & Gas Industry

Key Relationships and Department Overview:


  • HSE Manager
  • Operations Team
  • Commercial Team
  • Business Support Team
  • Finance Team
  • HR Manager


  • Trafigura, JSU, SAF And Regional Puma Team
  • Contractors (Engineering & Transport)
  • Relevant Local Authorities- CFM
  • Other Stake Holders


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