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Job Title: Principle Specialist Wells Mozambique


Ref no:  109284


Closing Date: 1 June 2022


Org Structure No:



Energy Business


Business Unit:

EBU: Gas Sourcing & Ops


City / Town:



Short Description/ Purpose of Job

Support and direct Wells Technical and Operational activities to in-country Well Delivery and to Well Services.

To establish and transition to an in-country Wells team for all future activities and assist with the skills transfer, training and coaching of local Mozambican Well Engineers (drilling, completion, operations, servicing).


Recruitment Description/ Key Accountabilities

Provide in-country assistance and support for executing the Mozambique Exploration, Remediation and Infill Campaign (MERIC) in Southern Mozambique to safely deliver quality wells on behalf of the PPA, PSA and PT-5C assets.

Strong entrepreneurial approach towards managing of well campaigns from a cost and schedule point of view.

Support to measure and monitor cost performance to deliver activities against approved budget, as well as advise on achieve continuous improvement opportunities for schedule and cost reductions.

Provide visible and felt leadership to ensure ongoing improvement in safe and reliable well operations and services.

Advise on Well Integrity

Provide advice and support for Well Services activities in the assets

Assist with the skills transfer, training and coaching of local Mozambican Well Engineers (drilling, completion, operations, servicing)

To establish and transition to an in-country Wells team for all future activities (timing to be determined).

Formal Education

Graduate Degree


Min Experience

Min experience 25 years (the last 10 as an in-country Well Delivery or Wells Manager).

Extensive Africa Onshore experience

Worked for BOTH big and small players

High level of maturity, independence and cost consciousness.



Business Leadership: Demonstrates commercial acumen, a global mind-set and exercises sound judgement. Achieves results through others and holds them accountable.

Collaboration: The action of working with someone to produce something

Conflict Management: Ability to manage conflict, disharmony and strife among people and situations, while recognizing and addressing sensitivities.

Execution capability: The underlying ability to execute a strategy/project or day to day work

Integration: The consolidated view with various parts, circumstances, legislation, landscapes or aspects linked or coordinated.

Negotiating: The ability to compromise in a cooperative effort to reach mutually satisfactory conclusions and results.

Partnership Leadership: Persuades and influences stakeholders; builds relationships and partnerships for win-win outcomes. Builds teams and creates synergies through working across boundaries.

People Leadership: Authentically and inclusively engages people to follow; leads culture transformation. Builds capability and leverages diversity for competitive advantage.

Problem Solving: Is a step-by-step process of defining a problem, searching for information, and testing a series of solutions until the problem is solved. In involves critical thinking, analysis and persistence.

Project Coordination: Knowledge and experience with Project Coordination is planning, organizing, and managing tasks and resources to accomplish a objective this include an administrative, liaison and support role that supports one or more projects. Usually used during smaller non-capital projects.

Project Management: The process of planning, organizing, and managing tasks and resources to accomplish a well defined objective, usually within constraints of time, resources, and cost.

Risk Management: The process of measuring, or assessing risk and then developing strategies to manage the risk.  Strategies employed may include transferring the risk to another party, avoiding the risk, reducing the negative effect of the risk, and accepting some or all of the consequences of a particular risk.

Self-Mastery: Takes accountability for driving own growth through developing self-awareness, reflecting, seeking  feedback and self-correcting

Strategic Leadership: Provides vision and direction aligned to One Sasol. Leads organisational change, innovation and sustainability.

Verbal Communications: Any exchange of words, either written or spoken, used to transmit information

Written Communications: Sending of messages, orders or instructions in writing through letters, circulars, manuals, reports, telegrams, office memos, bulletins, etc. It is a formal method of communication and is less flexible


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