VdE | Gestor de distribuição | Coca-Cola Moçambique

Closing Date:  2022/02/20
Reference Number: CCB190923-1
Job Title Distribution Manager - Maputo
Job Category: Logistics
Company: Coca-Cola Mozambique
Job Type: Permanent
Location: Country Mozambique
Location: Matola-Gare

Job Description 

Coca - Cola Beverages Africa has an exciting vacancy of Distribution Manager at one of our Mozambique Bottlers - Matola Gare Plant which is the leading producer of various Coca-Cola flavours in Mozambique for the last 25 years. This is senior level management position that reports directly to Regional Logistics Manager with several direct reportee's in the function. The incumbent person, will be responsible to plan and coordinate the activities of the delivery fleet of trucks to ensure the on-time and safe delivery of product to our customers and the return of empties from the trade, while maintaining the brand image of the Company.
Key Duties & Responsibilities  

- Strong ability to apply systems thinking and link processes and sub processes that impact on own function and facilitate; 
- Cross functional integration for improved quality and performance;
 - Manage trucks with regards to: 
- Scheduling, Road shows where applicable; 
- Turnaround time; - Fleet tracking and availability; 
- Outsource agreements, where applicable; 
- Cross-dock and direct shipment deliveries
- Manage CSI's; 
- Manage fuel consumption; 
- Manage Tyres; 
- Manage outsourced costs, Tyres, Rentals, Labour; 
- Managed Labour cost; 
- Manage truck breakages; 
- Compliance to all TCCMS and 5S requirements; 
- Ensure compliance with local legislation; 
- People development; 
- Performance management;
- On-going, informal performance monitoring, feedback and coaching provided daily or as required; 
- Leave processes conducted according to policy ; 
- Ensure good employee relations.

Skills, Experience & Education 
- Honours degree in Logistics or Road Transport Diploma, Extra-Heavy Duty drivers license; 
- National Diploma in Logistics; 
- Completed Logistics Stream of SC Academy; 
- 3 to 5 years operational experience in a FMCG Logistics supervisory role; 
- Strong ownership of operational area & acceptance of accountability

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