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VdE | Gerente Financeiro e Administrativo | Fundación Capital


What are we offering?

Our Financial & Administrative Manager, will report directly to the CFO, while working closely with the Country Representative and General Accountant, and will be responsible of the administrative operations and processes that our Fundacion Capital offices requires, including: 

  • Finance
  • Human Resources management
  • Contracts and liabilities
  • Compliance and procurement policies
  • Other minor activities necessary to operate efficiently 

 While ensuring the correct execution and development of the day-to-day operations under the compliance and regulations of Fundacion Capital (FundaK)

Who are we? 

Fundacion Capital is a nonprofit social enterprise that works with governments and financial institutions to improve the financial lives of millions of people living in poverty around the world. By designing and delivering solutions that increase economic opportunity, it seeks to make people more resilient regarding the economic stress.


What are the tasks and responsibilities? 

You will oversee all administrative and financial staff of Fundacion Capital at our Mozambique office. Also, you will be in charge of the Financial and administrative coordination for Maputo and Beira, working closely with the country accountant, representative, logistics, administrative assistants etc.

Financial & Accounting Management:

  • Supervise the work and activities of the staff and consultants involved in the administrative, accounting, clerical, and financial management of our Fundacion Capital Mozambique Office.

  • Ensure that all financial (projections, scenarios, cash flow, performance reports, etc.) and administrative reports, as well the accounting, are done in a timely manner, complying with the standards, criteria and deadlines required by Fundacion Capital head office.

  • Responsible for developing internal and financial control, proposals, and the implementation process, once they are reviewed and approved by the parent company (FundaK)

  • Review administrative, accounting, and financial policies of the branch, to ensure compliance.

  • Review and approve, payroll, invoices, cash flow, treasury management and validate the procurement process, including bidding when necessary.

  • Review and approve the monthly and annual financial reports, to submit them to authorization by the Country Representative

  • Oversee compliance with all internal budgets, activating all necessary contingency plans and measures to respond according to any critical changes in the operations.

  • Elaborate all financial and administrative reports as required by our clients and ensure that all of the requirements and obligations stipulated in the agreements have been met.

  • Review and ensure that all tax and other legal requirements that the office must comply, are executed in a timely and correct manner.

  • Responsible for overall and financial projections in line with organizational guidelines and the country’s growth and sustainability strategy.

  • Attending to the auditing firms, as well as ensuring that all information necessary is delivered to them according to the request and with no delays.

  • Responsible to oversee the business relationship with suppliers, banks, clients, stakeholders.

  • Oversee all aspects regarding the contracting for the organization of general services (supplies, cleaning, property, leasing, customer contracts, etc.)

  • Ensure that all the necessary administrative controls, are implemented and accomplished, as well as the control of the attendance, vacations, personnel files.

  • Develop proposals for project funding, budget, and forecasting.

  • Any other duties related to the process necessary for the correct and efficient operations of Fundacion Capital Mozambique Office.


Who are we looking for? 

Personal Requirements

  • Our consultant must have a proven record on leadership and teamwork skills and will be a result focused person with a very effective communication skill.
  • Our consultant must be a Mozambican Citizen


Technical Requirements

  • Our Financial & Administrative manager must have a high proficiency in MS office and G- Suit, Zoho CRM also will be preferred.
  • A minimum of 7 years of managing experience.
  • At least 3 years working on Social Enterprises at Mozambique
  • At least 3 years working at private enterprises at Mozambique
  • Portuguese at an Advanced Level
  • English or Spanish at Advanced Level

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Bachelor´s Degree in finance, business administration, accounting, or related fields.
  • A master’s degree is preferred
  • A strong knowledge of the legal framework for nonprofit entities in Mozambique and the follow through process that we need to accomplish
  • CRM knowledge, preferred.


At Fundacion Capital you will be working at a multicultural, multidisciplinary environment, get ready to learn, help and collaborate to create a deep impact on the society from Mozambique.

Our Job offer includes an employment contract (temporary), and you will be working in our Fundacion Capital Maputo Office. 

We also offer you the chance to get a flexible working opportunity, at an international and social enterprise, where you can create and develop your ideas and interact with a team full of people like you



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