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Job TitleAIA (Authorized Inspection Authority) Inspector


Ref no: 103343


Closing Date: 07 January 2022


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Energy Business


Business Unit:

EBU: Gas Sourcing & Ops


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Short Description/ Purpose of Job

Accountable as part of the OME Inspection Authority which is charged (as contemplated in the Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER) and (OSHA Act)) with the following responsibilities: - Legal accountability for in-service inspections of all pressure vessels, steam generators, pressure accessories, storage tanks and piping

Ensure legal compliance in order to support the SANAS accredited Risk Based Inspection (RBI) system ensuring that inspection frequencies can be approved by the OME Inspection Authority for periods in excess of 36 months.

Ensure compliance to the Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER), SANS 10227, SANS 17020 and various approved Health and Safety Standards during all in-service inspections as a certified In-service Inspector and SANAS technical signatory.

Support phase and total shutdowns, therefore in-service inspections shall be such to support the frequencies and the RBI accredited functions which ensures legal compliance.


Recruitment Description/ Key Accountabilities

Have reports compiled and ensure achievement to compliance

Responsible for regular follow-up on outstanding legal documentation

Issuing of recommendations for repairs to ensure continued safe operation and therefore the continuous availability of process plants

Capable of the use of specialised equipment for the inspection of equipment

Utilisation of specialised inspection equipment to be used during the inspections

Perform and evaluate; visual inspections; wall thickness measurements; magnetic particle testing; dye penetrant testing

Review and interpret radiographs

Witness pressure tests

Recommend specific repair actions or alternative recommendations arising from inspections using specialised knowledge

Verify the condition of equipment or parts thereof after any change in condition or repairs to equipment, so that maximum integrity and minimum equipment downtime will result

Predict when equipment needs to be replaced by evaluating all inspection results

Document all inspections findings and recommendations by composing individual technical reports in order that actual or potential problems are documented for further action and to comply with the PER

Perform detail inspections as required when fitness-for-service calculations are performed

Evaluate and comment on frequency reviews

Certify the calibration and setting of safety devices and appurtenances for compliance to codes

Equipment integrity with due consideration and support for production volumes and through-puts

Ensure compliance to legislation

Support production demands by the reduction of production incidents and maintenance costs by ensuring the integrity of equipment through statutory inspections and tests and on-line monitoring

Provide basis for restoration and improvement of equipment integrity

Providing real-time reporting of equipment health within Operations

Ensuring sustainable business through training of Trainee Inspectors for the Sasol Group and National

Improve own skills and knowledge

Demonstrate the desired behaviours in agreement with the Sasol Values

Ensure that personal development plan is completed, implemented and tracked Set and work towards own performance targets and goals as per personal performance agreement

Provide efficient and high-quality services to internal and external customers

Build customer (internal/ external) relationships in order to understand needs

Build and maintain expert network and relationships (e.g. customers, stakeholders)

Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills

Build effective partnerships with team to ensure high performance

Develop and maintain effective working relationships with managers and peers


Formal Education

High School / School Diploma or similar


Min Experience

6+ relevant years



Business Acumen: An intuitive and applicable understanding of how a company or unit makes money.  Displays a thorough understanding of what drives profitability.  Maintains a market-focused approach to business.  Keeps an overall big picture understanding of the business and its interrelationships enabling a person to make better business decisions.  The ability to make good business judgments and quick decisions in a manner that is likely to lead to a good outcome.

Compliance: Understanding the rules, regulations, sanctions and other statutory requirements, guidelines and instructions relating to governing bodies and organizations, both internally and externally.

Customer Focus: A continuing focus on the needs and requirements of customers and clients, anticipating their needs, remaining sensitive to customers while performing services for them, responsive to customer needs.

Relationship Management: The conscious aim to develop and manage long-term and/or trusting relationships with internal or external customers, distributors, suppliers, or other parties in an environment which can include marketing, selling, servicing and other areas where a relationship is crucial to on-going success.  At a senior level, it includes C-level relationships with senior management such as CEO [Chief Executive Officer], CIO [Chief Information Officer], and CFO [Chief Financial Officer].

Self-Mastery: Takes accountability for driving own growth through developing self-awareness, reflecting, seeking  feedback and self-correcting

Tech Savvy: Knowledge of the Information Technology Industry including trends, emerging technology, best practices, competition, regulations, and legislation.

Written Communications: Sending of messages, orders or instructions in writing through letters, circulars, manuals, reports, telegrams, office memos, bulletins, etc. It is a formal method of communication and is less flexible

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