VdE | Recepcionista Senior | ChildFund International


ChildFund International is hiringa a Senior Receptionist.

Job Purpose

To facilitate communication between ChildFund and other institutions by operating the ChildFund switchboard, as well as receiving and directing visitors and mail.


 Responsibility for ChildFund Assets

  • Responsible for the Switchboard.

 Level of Authority / Decision Making

  • Makes routine and simple decisions such as when to place a call, screening visitors. Superior checks resulting work.

 Independent Judgement

  • Acts independently when screening visitors and making telephone calls.

Consequence of Error

  • Not being courteous in speech and manners in her reception duties could result in loss of the Agency’s image and credibility.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Remain alert and responsive to any child safeguarding risks, acquire relevant knowledge and skills which will enable you to promote strong safeguarding practices, understand the child safeguarding policy and procedures, and conduct yourself in a manner consistent with the Child Safeguarding Policy.

Operating Switch


  • Receives calls from outside persons and institutions, redirecting these to appropriate offices and taking messages for staff as necessary;
  • Places local, truck and international calls for ChildFund staff to facilitate communication for business operations;
  • Maintains a log of out-going telephone calls (using tele-monitor system) recording nature of the call i.e., business, or private for purposes of billing staff for private phone calls and general control;
  • Maintains and updates the in-house directory;
  • Produces a printout of telephone calls made and reconciles it with the logbook and passes it to the supervising officer for billing of private calls;
  • Report line faults to service provider and equipment faults to the immediate supervisor as soon as these occur to minimizes disruption of service.

Receiving Visitors e Meetings

  • Receives visitors, sponsors etc and after obtaining the necessary information from them, refers them to appropriate staff;
  • Provide administrative support in preparation for meetings, conferences, and other events, including compiling, formatting, posting and distributing materials, receiving, assisting in the preparation of presentations and developing and maintaining files.

Handling Mail

  • Distributing incoming mail, opening, date-stamping, and directing appropriately maintaining filing system and ensuring the security and confidentiality of client files and information.


  • Conducts routine office purchases such as office stationery supplies and under supervision of Human Resource Coordinator;
  • Maintains inventory of stocks and provides report monthly for new orders to be made and filling;
  • Provide administrative support to the Technical Managers including travel and calendar management, preparation of expense reports, and maintenance of electronic and paper files.

Others duties

  • Ensures that the reception is always clean and tidy.


  • Certificate in administration and/or Certificate in customer care;
  • At least 5 year working experience with a driver’s license.


  • Effective public relations: that using best practices in relationship building and promotion of goodwill.


  • Communication Skills: listens, speaks, and writes clearly and concisely in both Portuguese and English;
  • Interpersonal skills: works well with people from diverse backgrounds;
  • Decision making: Takes timely action after assessing urgency and potential impact of situations;
  • Computer literacy: is familiar with Windows software and basic hardware.


  • Organized: demonstrates concern for accuracy and detail;
  • Self-motivated: displays interest and persistence in doing the tasks at hand;
  • Integrity: achieves a high level of trust in relationships;
  • Cultural sensitivity: understands and respects the practices, customs, values, and norms of other individuals and cultures.

How to Apply

Link: https://sforce.co/3zL7Wua

ChildFund International is committed to safeguarding the interests, rights, and well-being of children with whom it is in contact and to conducting its programs and operations in a manner that is safe for children.

Closing date: 6th of August 2021

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