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VdE - Associado de Armazém / Motorista de Empilhadeira - MECS

 Meu cliente está procurando um candidato experiente com um certificado válido de Operações de Empilhadeira e experiência anterior em um ambiente de warehouse. Esta posição é urgente e o candidato deve começar imediatamente em Chimoio, Província de Manica.

My client is seeking an experienced candidate with a valid Forklift Operations certificate and previous experience in a warehouse environment. This position is urgent and the candidate is required to start immediately in Chimoio, Manica Province.

Qualifications required:

  • High School Certificate

  • Basic Mathematics

  • Car license

  • 5 years of vehicle driving.

  • Must have Forklift license

  • Must be fluent in English


  • Drives forklift safely on site

  • Coordinates and takes part in the activities of daily jobs on site

  • Responsible for operating related equipment, conduct relevant checks & report defects timely

  • Responsible for housekeeping on site

  • Ensure that the forklift is never left unattended when started

  • Maintain operational records as required

  • Active participation and compliance to all ESH policies, procedures, rules and regulations. Coordinate and execute auxiliary warehouse activities regarding D&O /expired stocks handling, Exceptional labelling, Re-labelling  postproduction, complaints & returns handling and waste management in line with country-specific regulations and in collaboration 

  • Maintaining proper stock control and ensuring that stock write offs due to stock redundancies and damages are kept to a minimum by ensuring proper stock rotation (First Expiry First Out), proper stock handling, as well as eliminating storage practices that lead to deterioration of stock quality.

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