VdE | Investigator | Aldelia



  • Conduct and otherwise assist in sensitive preliminary inquiries into allegations of fraud, corruption, or staff misconduct as the needs of the Division require;
  • Review and analyze allegations and whistleblowing information to determine relevancy and reliability, conduct sensitive interviews and other investigative research activities;
  • Analysis and prioritization of new allegations and whistle-blower information;
  • Assist in controlling, tracking, and analyzing allegations, investigations, and findings;
  • Undertake and manage investigations and deliver the highest quality related investigative work product;
  • Lead or participate in the conduct of sensitive and complex interviews and investigations;
  • Make recommendations that are ethically based, transparent, and consider due process;
  • Establish appropriate deadlines and processes for ensuring work products of the highest standards;
  • Maintain case files electronically in the MRM G Trac system and in hard copy;
  • Ensure compliance with chain of custody procedures, maintaining case records, testimony, and evidence;
  • Prepare Investigation Reports relating to investigative findings, discuss and defend the findings, conclusions, and recommendations;
  • On request or in the absence of the Manager/Assistant Manager while acting as officer-in-charge, review and edit outputs of investigators and quality control the substance and presentation of investigative findings;
  • Prepare Management Implication Reports resulting from internal control weaknesses giving rise to the occurrence of an investigative event; Prepare Referral Reports and Communications to national governments;
  • Provide statistical analyses of both ongoing and completed investigations;
  • Communicate the outcomes and lessons learned from staff misconduct investigations and investigations into operations;
  • Undergo continuous training as needed.



  • National Senior Certificate or bachelor’s degree in social sciences, criminal justice, or forensics.


  • Previous experience in law enforcement (or another investigative field);
  • At least 10 years of experience in a law enforcement/security environment;
  • Proven experience in investigation field.

Skills and competencies:

  • Portuguese/English speaking with excellent communications skills (both written and verbally);
  • Strong understanding of cyber security issue;
  • Ability to apply common sense understanding when resolving dispute conflict or under pressure to resolve complex case;
  • Ability to deal with problems involving variables in standardized situations.


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