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Job Title: Senior Manager Site Services


Ref no:  115003


Closing Date:  7 November 2022


Org Structure No: 80044637


Energy Business


Business Unit:

EBU: Gas Sourcing & Ops


City / Town:



Short Description/ Purpose of Job


This position is accountable to deliver on the Site Services mandate which is to contribute and add value to Sasol Mozambique’s Asset Integrity and People Morale.  This mandate is delivered through a defined service catalogue, and a management system which primarily consists of delivery through third party service providers.  There is a high level of dependency on service providers and the management of these entities in delivering on this mandate. 

The footprint includes the production and non-production areas at the Central Processing Facility (CPF) in Temane, the gas wells in Temane, Pande, and Inhassoro, the tar and gravel road network and access to the various gas well areas, the Nhamacunda Residential Complex (NRC) in Vilanculos, and the office facilities in Maputo.

At Temane, Pande, and Inhassoro, the scope includes vegetation control, perimeter fence maintenance, fire breaks, building maintenance, landscaping, catering, housekeeping of offices and accommodation at the CPF, pool vehicle fleet management and maintenance, vehicle rental management, scheduled employee transport between Vilanculos and Temane, as well as ad hoc transport of employees and visitors to various areas in Mozambique.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

This position is also accountable to manage, direct, plan, and co-ordinate all activities regarding the lease, access control, maintenance and upkeep, alterations and SHE assurance related to the buildings, the grounds, water treatment and domestic water supply, sewage handling, gas supply, and electrical supply at the NRC in Vilanculos.  The complex includes residential units, a maintenance and administration building, and recreational facilities with a gymnasium, clubhouse, and swimming pool.  A clinic, crèche, primary-, and secondary school are also be located on the premises.

The purpose of this position and role is to ensure that services are delivered effectively and cost-efficiently in accordance with legal and safety standards and within contractual terms and conditions.  Service centricity and end user experience are integral to this purpose.  In this regard the position owns the service-, maintenance- and contract strategies, as well as the scopes of work which enable the execution of these strategies.


Recruitment Description/ Key Accountabilities

Gas Wells and Gas Line Manifold Nodes: Maintenance Strategies, Vegetation Control and Fire Breaks, Guardhouse, Ablution, Plumbing and Fence Maintenance;


Tar and Gravel Road Network: Maintenance Strategies- Tar Road Maintenance and Repairs (between Temane and Mangungumete). Gravel Road Standards, Maintenance, and Repairs (including Road Signs), Gas Line Servitude Encroachment Prevention;

CPF Production Area: Maintenance Strategies, Vegetation Control and Fire Breaks, Fence Maintenance and Renewal. Walkways, Tar and Paved Road Maintenance and Repairs, Stormwater System Cleaning and Structural Integrity Maintenance. Potable Water Reticulation Maintenance and Repairs. Central Control Room (CCR) and Other Building Maintenance and Housekeeping

CPF Non-Production Area: Vegetation Control, Fire Breaks, Landscaping, and Pest Control, Fence- and Emergency Gates Maintenance. Parking, Walkways, Tar and Paved Road Maintenance and Repairs. Potable Water Reticulation Maintenance and Repairs, Accommodation, Recreation, Office, and Functional Buildings Maintenance/Renewal; Stormwater System Cleaning and Maintenance, Service Provider Area Allocation/Control Redundant Assets and Materials Disposal Management, Temporary Office and Facilities Allocation and Management. Catering, Accommodation, Housekeeping, and Laundry Services, Food Safety and Hygiene Standards


Nhamacunda Residential Complex (NRC): Building Maintenance and Renewal

Building, Electrical Reticulation Maintenance and Repairs. Back Up Generators Maintenance and Repairs, Gas Systems Maintenance and Repairs. Water Treatment – Domestic, Fire, Sewage, Irrigation, Landscaping, Refuse Management, and Pest Control; Residential Complex Lease Administration and Occupation Management. Lease Administration and Support to Clinic, Schools, and Recreation Centre. Utilities Readings, Accounts Management and Payment

Fleet Management Operations: Safety Assurance, Vehicle Maintenance,Tracking, Standards and Specifications for New Vehicle Purchases. Scheduled Employee Transportation, Visitor and Project Specific Transportation, Journey Management and Co-ordination. Pool Vehicle Management and Rental Vehicle Administration

Service Provider Management (SPM): Contract Strategies and Scopes of Work (SOW’s) in Collaboration with Supply Chain Manage Contract. Performance and Performance Reviews with Service Providers. Extract Maximum Benefit from Contractual Terms and Conditions. Safety, Quality, and Cost Control, as well as Assurance Verification;

Financial: Prepare Annual OPEX/CAPEX Budgets. Cost Control through Volume Management and Quality Assurance (QA/QC). Cost Management, Variance Analysis, and Reporting, Address Deviations through Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Corrective Actions;

Organisational: SHE Management, Interface Management with Stakeholders, Service Providers, and Authorities. Leverage and Manage Resources to Meet Business Objectives, Performance Management and Reviews;


Management Systems, Compliance, and Governance: Enforce Application of SHE Procedures and Standards, Comply with Integrated SHE Management System Requirements, Comply with ISO and Environmental Requirements. Risk Management and Mitigation and Emergency Management Plan Support.

Human Resources (HR) and People Management: Training, Coaching, and Mentoring of Employees, Legal Compliance and Fatigue Management, Performance Management, Disciplinary Processes, and Remedial Actions.

Networking and Relationships Internally and Externally in order to Achieve Mutual Objectives

Readily Share Information and Knowledge with Leadership and Peers


Formal Education

University Bachelor's Degree in Science (BSc), Engineering (BEng), Commerce (BCom) is a pre-requisite.

An industry specific post-graduate qualification (e.g. professional commercial property, facilities, construction, or project management certification) will be a significant advantage.

A post-graduate degree (e.g. MBA) will be an advantage.

A combination of experience in the above will be a significant advantage.

Experience in opportunity development and business improvement will be an advantage.


Min Experience

Minimum of 13 years of experience and proven knowledge of site services, facilities, maintenance, supply chain, or project management is a prerequisite.




Leadership and Behavioral Competencies:

One Sasol mindset, Shapes business strategy

Business acumen, Drives accountability and high performance

Fosters teamwork and collaboration, Role models customer focus

Leverages diversity and inclusion

Nurtures and coaches, builds partnerships, Develops self

Functional Competencies:

Sound commercial and business aptitude

Ability to function in team and independently,

Ability to accept responsibility and accountability, High ethical standards


  • Business Leadership: Demonstrates commercial acumen, a global mind-set and exercises sound judgement. Achieves results through others and holds them accountable.
  • Partnership Leadership: Persuades and influences stakeholders; builds relationships and partnerships for win-win outcomes. Builds teams and creates synergies through working across boundaries.
  • People Leadership: Authentically and inclusively engages people to follow; leads culture transformation. Builds capability and leverages diversity for competitive advantage.
  • Project Coordination: Knowledge and experience with Project Coordination is planning, organizing, and managing tasks and resources to accomplish a objective this include an administrative, liaison and support role that supports one or more projects. Usually used during smaller non capital projects.
  • Self-Mastery: Takes accountability for driving own growth through developing self-awareness, reflecting, seeking  feedback and self-correcting
  • Strategic Leadership: Provides vision and direction aligned to One Sasol. Leads organisational change, innovation and sustainability.
  • Tech Savvy: Knowledge of the Information Technology Industry including trends, emerging technology, best practices, competition, regulations, and legislation.


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