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With over 70 years of experience, our focus is on helping the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and experience fullness of life. We help children of all backgrounds, even in the most dangerous places, inspired by our Christian faith.

Come join our 34,000+ staff working in nearly 100 countries and share the joy of transforming vulnerable children’s life stories!

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  • To develop a District Education Plan for the Unlock Literacy Program in close collaboration with Education Officers and identify strategic partners to work with in implementing the program.
  • To assist the Provincial Education Manager and District Manager, introducing best practices for learning and improving the methodological dynamics in the teaching and learning process, thus contributing to the achievement of demonstrable indices of the quality of the Program
  • To develop and ensure the implementation of District Education DIP for the Unlock Literacy Program in close collaboration with Education Officer and SDEJT as well as identify strategic partners to work with in implementing the program and bilingual approach;
  • To provide technical leadership and coaching to the Education officers in implementing the Unlock Literacy program under Educating Children Together Project – phase 3 (ECT 3) both in Primary schools and community levels in assigned district.
  • To be accountable for the delivery of key performance indicators under the program in the respective District;
  • To work in close collaboration with other project staff and relevant stakeholders such as CESC, District Platform and ensure school graduation and project sustainability.

Major Responsibilities

List statements describing the final results of this position and method of accomplishments, and how results/performance are reviewed and measured. Begin with the most important accountabilities.

% Time

Major Activities

End Results Expected


Planning and Reporting

  • In collaboration with the District Manager, other staff members and District Services of Education (SDEJT) will develop Operation Plans showing clearly what activities will be implemented, including resource (budget) and time allocation;
  • Compile specific capacity development plan for the various structures based on need in the District.
  • Compile and submit management plans and reports (monthly, quarterly or annually) to the District Manager and Provincial Education Manager.


Program implementation

  • Working closely with the Education officers, identify technical staffing needs
  • Identify program supplies needs and coordinate with the logistics team to put in place a sensible phased procurement plan for correct implementation of Unlock Literacy and Bilingual Teaching in the District.
  • Conduct partner mapping and/or validation profiling their technical capabilities to implement the Unlock Literacy Program.
  • Take steps to document lessons learned for wider dissemination.
  • Represent WV in relevant District Education coordination/partnership meetings.
  • Ensure clear and effective communication occurs between the field District Manager, Education Officers and other sectors;
  • Work closely with SDEJT to ensure school graduation and handover to MINEDH gradually done;
  • Develop and administer through Education Officers capacity assessment tools on the education and school management structures at the District.
  • Develop technically sound capacity building plan, develop products- training curriculum, exchange visit guides etc.- and seek approval for the same from the Education Provincial Manager and Project line Management
  • Carry on any other reasonable duties as may be assigned that is consistent with the nature of project operational and implementation plans


Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

  • Provide support for the success of Reading Assessments, and other surveys in the District including Baseline, MEQA, Midterm and End line evaluation, using Tangerine, EGRA, STAR or any other tools;
  • Facilitated Periodic Evaluation of the Unlock Literacy in the District.
  • Ensure the results of the evaluation to key stakeholders and followed through on the arising action plan is disseminated;
  • Identified and documented promising practices and data arising out of program implementation.
  • Collaboration with the MEAL Coordinator, lead the process of assessing the skills of school pupils including analyze of the results of the competency assessment and producing the report with appropriate recommendations;
  • Lead dissemination and debate of the results of the skills assessment with all actors involved in the teaching and learning process;
  • Coordinate and lead the process of holding reading fairs and other activities in assigned schools;
  • Provide to the MEAL Coordinator with necessary and relevant school data base;


Technical Support, Coaching and mentoring

  • Provided technical support to the Education Officers and District Manager and Coaching and mentoring of Technical Staff in the Unlock Literacy Technical Program including reviewing their annual Performance Agreements and Annual Appraisals
  • In collaboration with Ministry of Education at the district level, implemented field supervisions for mentoring teachers and officers.


Networking and Partnership Management

  • Intermediation of District level partnerships with CBOs and Churches that leverage WVM's technical capacity.
  • Participated in District level technical networks with a view to profile the operations of WVM in Unlock Literacy and education in general.
  • Identified advocacy opportunities and engaged with the Advocacy resource person to develop advocacy products at district level

Knowledge, Skills And Abilities

The following may be acquired through a combination of formal or self-education, prior experience or on-the-job training:

Minimum education, training and experience requirements to qualify for the position:

List academic requirements (if applicable)technical skills, or other knowledge required as a minimum qualification for this position.

Bachelor’s Degree in education with 5 years’ experience Coordinating Literacy Program in international Non-Governmental Organizations.

At least five years of progressive work experience with Literacy Program.

Demonstrated ability to think and plan strategically, manage projects, and meet deadlines.

Proven ability to lead a team.

Full adherence to World Vision Child Protection, Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies.

Strong interpersonal, cross cultural and communication skills

Excellent command of English and Portuguese both written and spoken.

Additional work experience required as a minimum qualification for this position.

Experiences in networking, building coalitions and campaigning on an issue.

Working in international development and humanitarian ecosystem

License, Registration, Or Certification Required To Perform This Position

If applicable, include language requirement(s) as a minimum qualification for this position.

Bachelor’s Degree in education with 5 years’ experience Coordinating Literacy Program in international Non-Governmental Organizations.

Strong English and Portuguese communication skills (oral and written)

Preferred Skills, Knowledge And Experience

List academic, technical skills or other knowledge preferred for this position.

Master degree in Education

Proven Experience in Coordinating Literacy Program

Management and Team Work abilities

A minimum of five years demonstrated skills and professional experience in education related program implementation and management

Project management and design experience, as well as project implementation and monitoring & evaluation.

Excellent interpersonal, organizational, time management, demonstrated leadership and good management ability.

Strong detail orientation and negotiation skills.

Computer literate in Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Strong English and Portuguese communication skills (oral and written) and knowledge of local Language (EMAKUWA) will be advantage

Experience in working with various major donors and government donor agencies

Cross-cultural sensitivity, flexible worldview emotional maturity

Capacity to function well in a team and contribute effectively to team efforts.

Ability to maintain performance expectations in diverse cultural contexts, psycho-logically stressful environments and physical hardship conditions with limited resources.

Commitment and ability to inspire others to World Vision Core Values, Vision and Mission Statement.

List Additional Work Experience Preferred For This Position.

Literacy Boost experience

Ability to work in difficult, insecure and stressful conditions.

Work Environment

Include travel & work environment details.

Complete Travel and/or Work Environment statements if applicable.

  • The position requires ability and willingness to travel to remote areas up to 60% of the time and 40% Office based



List and describe all contacts (do not include your direct supervisor or subordinates) required in order to efficiently accomplish this position. Begin with the most important contacts. Be specific (e.g. UN leaders, strategic directors or subject matter experts from other NGOs, or other technical specialists from key arenas, etc.)


(within WV or outside WV)

Reason for Contact

Frequency of Contact

(Daily, Weekly, Monthly)


Integration, ownership and Sustainability of the Project


District Manager and other WV District Staff

Coordination and integration, avoid duplication


CESC locally (District)

Coordination and build sustainability



Program implementation


Community /Reading Camps

Program implementation


Provincial Education Manager

Program implementation



Describe decision-making responsibilities this position may have that do not require prior approval. Specify what actions are necessary in order to facilitate the completion of the specific tasks and how it is reviewed.

  • Field visits including schools, reading camps, households;
  • Interaction with MINED at district level;
  • Support District manager and officers;
  • Meeting with Education officers for coordination of activities.

Describe any decision making referred to higher authority or that are controlled by policy. Indicate how assignment is given, by what method (verbal or written), by whom, how often, how work is evaluated, and type of guidance available.

  • Travel to Provincial office require authorization or approval from Provincial Education Manager;
  • Not allowed to speak to media, unless previous authorization from Communication Department.

Describe the most common way in which this position assign work and how it is reviewed. Indicate how assignment is given, by what method (verbal or written), by whom, how often, how work is evaluated, and type of guidance available.

  • Performance agreement, which is made at the binging of each year and reviewed quarterly;
  • Operation plans, segregated into weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually based in the Detailed implementation plan.

Major Challenges

Identify 2-3 of the most difficult problems this position might encounter. Distinguish between what is “typical” and what is “very challenging” and describe how these constraints/challenges can be resolved.



Very challenging: The position holder reports mutually to district Manager and Provincial Education.

This requires ability to use different capes.

Working in an environment with influence of different religious and political influences

This requires neutrality

Interpersonal Skills

Does this position require the ability to motivate, persuade, or convince others in order to achieve a desired outcomes or success? If so, provide 1-2 typical examples.

Being coordinator require good communication skills. To do this his/her skills must be recognized and trusted. This is based on an ability to articulate and work properly with others in order to achieve the project outcomes.

  • WV being a Christian organization, it requires inter-religious dialogue skills in working with communities.

Financial Responsibility

Collaboration with the District Manager, other staff members and District Services of Education (SDEJT) will develop Operation Plans showing clearly what activities will be implemented, including financial resources (budget) and time allocation;


The position holder is required to have integrity and servant leadership skills

Prepared by


Lopes Muquera


Education Manager


July 23, 2020


I agree with the content of this document and that it is an accurate description of the position performed at a fully competent level.

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