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The United Nations World Food Programme is hiring Senior Programme Associate (Early Warning Systems and Social Protection), for Maputo.


The role of the Senior Programme Associate is intended to facilitate and support the work of INAS-IP in managing and leading the participation of the Institute in linking social protection programmes with disaster risk management, to strengthen shock responsiveness as well as to integrate current shock responsive social protection programmes with innovative tools and methodologies like anticipatory actions, forecast-based financing and sovereign insurance schemes. This will include bringing forward the technical work, joining various multi-stakeholder and inter-disciplinary platforms (e.g. technical working groups, etc.) and supporting the bilateral relations with other Government institutions at the central and sub-national levels, especially INGD. The Senior Programme Associate will be seconded to INAS-IP in Maputo, as this is the entity responsible for leading the agenda on the integration of social protection programmes to Early Warning and Anticipatory Action planning and implementation systems being developed in Mozambique.

The Senior Programme Associate will ensure that the partner (INAS-IP) receive operational and technical support to ensure the timely implementation of a workplan agreed between INAS-IP, INGD and WFP, as well as, but not limited to, that the work plan is achieved as expected by liaising and working with other government and non-government partners, as needed. The role has a national and sub-national reach, also working and building capacities of the provinces and district authorities, especially in the Social Action Sector. The Senior Programme Associate must have theoretical knowledge and proven working experience in operational approaches related to adaptive social protection, FBF, and disaster risk management. The Senior Programme Associate must be a dynamic individual, that can lead innovative approaches and seek strategic opportunities to expand and upscale WFP and the government engagement in anticipatory actions and strengthen its linkages with social protection. Previous understanding of Government procedures is an added value.

The Senior Programme Associate will work as a technical focal point within INAS-IP Central and will act as liaison officer for WFP with the INAS-IP to support the Government to develop emergency social protection programme(s) and to proactively prepare and respond before, during and after an emergency, including: (i) support the planning, design and implementation of social protection programmes in Anticipatory Action Planning, in the context of INAS-IP/MGCAS role in the disaster risk management cycle, including support the participation in the technical working groups established for early warning systems (eg. GTT SAP-Seca) and (ii) Support the elaboration of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to guide coordinated responses in emergencies, especially in disaster preparedness & contingency planning.


Under the supervision of the Director of INAS-IP and WFP Social Protection Unit, the Senior Programme Associate will be responsible for:

  • Act as INAS-IP Focal Point of Anticipatory Action and Social Protection and represent INAS-IP in relevant fora, meetings, technical groups, workshops, etc.;
  • Support Mozambique’s government staff to elaborate and review working relevant technical documents and presentations related to support to the working areas above-mentioned;
  • Develop documents and guidelines alongside government and WFP technical teams;
  • Support the design and implementation of an action plan to promote coordination activities between INAS-IP and INGD for the inclusion of social protection programmes in Anticipatory Action Plans and other technical documents;
  • Support the systematization of policies and other guiding instruments related to anticipatory action and social protection;
  • Lead workshops and trainings with WFP, Government and other key stakeholders aimed to instruct the elaboration of emergency response guides and technical reports;
  • Lead workshops and technical work with WFP, Government and other key stakeholders to design the programme and its technical documents;
  • Document meetings and exchanges related to the work;
  • Ensure flow of information from central level to local levels, and vice versa;
  • Work in collaboration with WFP Social Protection/Resilience Programme Officers for constant update and review of proposed activities;
  • Participate in strategic conversations at WFP and Government’s meeting to define the scope of the social protection programmes and their potential integration in EWS and Anticipatory Action Plans;
  • Support logistics and administrative processes pertaining to workshops, missions, and other events that are part of INAS-IP work plan for the EWS agenda;
  • Liaise with relevant WFP units to support the assigned work;
  • Weekly catch-up meetings with WFP for any updates and adjustments;
  • The candidate is envisaged to work 80% at INAS-IP premises and 20% at WFP.


Education:  University degree in the areas of Political Science, Economics, Statistics, Social Sciences, disaster risk management, climate sciences, or another related field;

Experience: Six years of professional experience, with specific experience working on social policies or disaster risk management, anticipatory action, contingency planning, forecast based finance and other disaster risk financing instruments;

Language:   Fluency (level C) in both English and Portuguese Language.

Knowledge e Skills

  • Social Protection;
  • Disaster risk management and/or disaster risk financing;
  • Forecast-based financing;
  • Experience working with Mozambican national institutions;
  • Experience working in a team environment, involving people of different nationalities and/or cultures;
  • Excellent reporting skills.

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