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Job Title: Practitioner Payroll & Benefits


Ref no: 109406


Closing Date: 2 June 2022


Org Structure No: 80033045



Energy Business


Business Unit:

EBU: Gas Sourcing & Ops


City / Town:



Short Description/ Purpose of Job

Manage the processing of employee data, benefits and org structure. Responsible for the Processing Centre environment, platform and agreed objectives to ensure successful execution.

Centre of Excellence, Retirement and Medical Aid Funds liaison to Payroll and Benefits Centre.

Responsible for the interface between Country OME and Payroll & Benefits Centre according to HR EBS administrative service offering and ensuring a single point of entry for the OME for all processing of employee data, benefits and org structure.

Provide an advisory service according to country specific policies, governance and procedures.

Maintain OME employee data throughout the employee’s life cycle including enrolments, movements, separations and benefits. Liaison with OME internal stakeholders, Pension, Retirement, Medical funds and Financial Service providers to ensure effective and efficient administration processing.


Recruitment Description/ Key Accountabilities

Execute on enrolments, promotions, transfers, appointments, secondments, separations, document management, org structures, study aid, awards, leave, medical aid and retirement funds administration, housing loans, funeral benefits, incentive plans, increases, merit assessments and other employee data changes.

Contribute in the interpretation of the Moz HR strategy to co-create the HR Administration Centre strategy.

Contribute in development of policies and conditions of service. Consult with stakeholders to determine business needs in terms of new and changing of policies, conditions of services and wage negotiations and of org structures.

Proactive identification of potential risks in regard to statutory requirements, processing and policy, governance misalignments and ineffective processes.

Execution of agreed objectives, activities and projects and maintain HR administration health checks. Ensure speedy resolution of queries and requests. Take part in projects. Contribute and execute implementation of new processes.

Contribute to the development of SLC and service offerings catalogue. Initiate changes based on business needs and requirements.

Continuously identify improvement of process and systems.

Continuously review internal HR administration processes for standardization and improvement. Focus on process and system enhancement to provide an optimal HR administration support. Execute and testing of new and changed systems.

Determine and prioritize sub-departmental objectives, projects, activities Determine sub-department objective, projects and activities based on departmental strategy, business needs, SLC, Service delivery, and continuous improvement.

Execution Management outcome of objectives, projects and activities using health checks and a scorecard. Benchmark own processes to market.

Contribute to requirements for systems and programs.

Determine governance framework (Audits, risk register, SOX's, and interpretation of policies). Manage adherence to governance.

Execution of activities in conjunction with country policies, procedures and condition of services to wage negotiations. Ensure and influence compliance to policies, condition of services to wage negotiations on all HR administration activities and data that is processed by Payroll & Benefits Centre.

RAPIDS implemented to validate processes in that all administrative processes submitted for processing to Payroll & Benefits Centre must be accompanied with the required approval process.

Key role to provide and enable all relevant data for purposes of internal and external audits.

Ensure a standardised and governed approach on all aspects of HR compliances, HR systems, people management processes and key performance areas to ensure administrative efficacy.

Proactive identification of potential risks in regard to statutory requirements, processing and policy, governance misalignments and overly complex and ineffective processes.

Create an environment for quality decisions and innovative solutions in the aim of customer centricity and enhancing the administrative service quality.

Responsible for sub-departmental financial budget.

Deliver on customer centricity through enhanced process efficiency.

Understanding and abiding of the Mozambican Labour Law and INSS requirements and procedures

Understanding of the Tax procedures and requirements in Mozambique for all payments

SAP system


Formal Education

University Bachelor’s Degree in accounting, Business Management & Administration, Economics or any other relevant field


Min Experience

Fluent in Portuguese, and English an added advantage

4+ relevant years of experience as payroll practitioner



  • Continuous Process Improvement: The methodology followed for increasing the effectiveness and/or efficiency of a business process, often through automation.
  • Critical reasoning: The action of critically thinking about something in a logical, sensible way and taking all factors into consideration.
  • Customer Focus: A continuing focus on the needs and requirements of customers and clients, anticipating their needs, remaining sensitive to customers while performing services for them, responsive to customer needs.
  • Data Management: Knowledgeable of the theory, purpose, architecture and design of the management, administration and relationships of the organization's data.
  • Decision Making: Ability to know when and what decisions should be made and to make several decisions simultaneously in a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment.
  • Execution capability: The underlying ability to execute a strategy/project or day to day work
  • Financial Management: Demonstrated knowledge and application of Financial Management, the strategic and functional management of the set of processes, customs, policies, laws, and institutions affecting the way the company's finances are directed, administered, and controlled.
  • Problem Solving: Is a step-by-step process of defining a problem, searching for information, and testing a series of solutions until the problem is solved. In involves critical thinking, analysis and persistence.
  • Risk Management: The process of measuring or assessing risk and then developing strategies to manage the risk.  Strategies employed may include transferring the risk to another party, avoiding the risk, reducing the negative effect of the risk, and accepting some or all of the consequences of a particular risk.
  • Self-Mastery: Takes accountability for driving own growth through developing self-awareness, reflecting, seeking feedback and self-correcting

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