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Vaga de Emprego - Underwriting Manager - Aperture Recruitment

 Please send CV to: info@aperture-group.net to be considered

UNDERWRITING MANAGER – Mozambique (attractive package and benefits)

Our client is a leading and highly reputable insurer and is looking for an underwriting manager.


  • a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as actuarial science, civil engineer, risk management, business administration, finance, or accounting with an advanced diploma from Chartered Insurance Institute of UK (CII).
  • Speaks both Portuguese and English, but would consider some one that speaks only English
  • Reviewing insurance products – review insurance packages prepared for clients, particularly if client applications are complex or special circumstances exist
  • Essential - have experience in non-life / short term-insurance in reinsurance / reinsurance brokers or insurance companies
  • solid grasp of factors that impact the risk and overall financial objectives
  • strong understanding of reinsurance (treaties and facultative) including analyses and negotiation with reinsurers and brokers.
  • Ability and experience in a managing, training and coaching a team and working with budgets and support risk management and financial due diligence activities

Some of the job specifications

The Underwriting manager is expected to have experience in insurance industry, providing management and oversight for underwriting activities that include insurance products and  provide support and approval for team members on standard underwriting projects and may conduct research, analysis, and underwriting for special or complex applications.

Underwriting Manager (“UM”) Duties and Responsibilities

 a) Lead Underwriting Teams and  oversee a team of associate-level staff members, assigning them insurance plans to assess and underwrite, ensuring that they understand expectations and delivery timelines, and stepping in to provide support, answer questions, or conduct research on specific or complex applications. The Underwriting manager is ultimately responsible for driving profitability and  building and leading effective teams are vital.

b) Assess Financial Risk As part of the underwriting process, and determine rates based on that risk.  Conducts research, using risk assessment and financial modeling software to make high-level decisions about insurance products

c) Report to Senior Management providing information on team performance and specific issues and confers with management and executives to set departmental goals, guidelines, and objectives.

 d) Develop and Implement Procedures In addition to leading teams and conducting risk assessments, and collaboration with other executives and management.

e) Conduct Quality  including audits and prepare regular reports, examining data and ensuring that personnel followed proper procedures and company guidelines, and properly documented client materials and communications.

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